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You Can Now Create and Share Curated NFT Showcases with!

Feature your favorite Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, and WAX NFTs on both mobile and web (with more blockchains on the way!)

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3 min readJul 14, 2022

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We are excited to share the latest update to, our multi-blockchain, multi-wallet address NFT viewer for iOS and Android! This update includes two huuuge features — shareable NFT showcases and a new Tokens screen.

🖼 Shareable NFT Showcases!

In addition to an even more polished collector experience, we have finally added curation features! You can now create personal showcases (galleries) featuring your favorite NFTs from any wallet address, that can be shared on mobile and web and accessible via your own personal profile address.

Adding items to your curated NFT showcases in the app is easy!

All of your showcases are also viewable on the web:

Solana, Ethereum, WAX, and Cardano NFTs can all be added to the same showcase! 🚀

🪙 Tokens Screen

Our new Tokens screen provides a unified, multi-chain view of all of your NFTs. You can also search and filter for NFTs based on asset name, collection name, schema name, and rareness.

Our new Tokens screen gives you a unified view of all of your NFTs across blockchains!

🐛 Bug Fixes and Performance Optimizations

That’s a lot of commits. Trust us. 😉

The amount of work we’ve put in behind the scenes (understandably) goes unnoticed by most users but we are working very hard to make the app fast and enjoyable to use — 233 commits of code is no small feat!

More to Come!

We’ll be adding even more blockchains and new features soon, so stay tuned! Thanks to all of the collectors and creators in our Discord community for your ongoing feedback, feature requests, and support.

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Happy collecting! 🎉



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