Introducing — an App to View and Share your NFTs!

Made for collectors, by collectors, puts the “FUN” in “non-fungible”

Awesome Labs

-- NFT app screenshots

We’re excited to share the latest project to come out of Awesome Labs: a fun new NFT portfolio viewer app called! 🎉

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are all the rage these days and as NFT collectors ourselves, we were frustrated that there wasn’t an intuitive way to browse and show off our digital collectibles. So after many late nights of coding, we launched our own app, and it’s now available for FREE on both iOS and Android!⁣

Currently supports any WAX (WorldWide Asset eXchange)-based collectibles, and soon we’ll be adding other blockchains (Ethereum, Cardano, etc.), so stay tuned. screenshots showing collection values in USD, WAX, and Indian Rupees
View your NFT values in USD (left), crypto/WAX (center), or even in Indian Rupees or 30+ other international currencies (right)

Features Include:

  • View NFTs (non-fungible tokens) associated with multiple addresses/wallets
  • Browse digital collectibles by collection, rarity, variant, and more! screenshot showing browsing a collection by rareness attributes
See your collections beautifully organized!
  • Toggle between viewing all NFTs in a collection or just the ones you own or are missing
  • Interactively swipe and flip through items (fun!)
Screenshot showing swiping through Topps MLB Series 1 collection NFT cards
Swiping through your collection is fun!
  • See the total value of your NFTs and the value of each collection you own
  • View prices in crypto (WAX) and more than 30 international currencies
  • View collection stats like percent completed screenshot showing collection summary with completion percentage
View your collection stats and track progress
  • View any assets that you have staked with collections from R-PLANET and Green Rabbit Adventures
  • Easily share and show off your favorite items to your socials!

If you’ve gotten into NFTs, we’d love for you to download (and we’d appreciate any app store reviews that will help other people find it). 🙏 Thanks, and happy collecting!



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