❤️ Cardano Now Supports Cardano NFTs!

View all of your collections including SpaceBudz, CardanoBits, CryptoKnitties, CardanoKidz, and more 🚀

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3 min readOct 12, 2021

We’re excited to announce that the latest version of, our (free) NFT portfolio viewer, now supports Cardano blockchain NFTs! 🎉

A Multi-wallet, Multi-chain NFT Portfolio Viewer

Many collectors (us included) have collections that span multiple blockchains (WAX, Cardano, Ethereum, Flow, etc.) and it’s always been our vision to provide a unified collection view across these blockchains. We started out supporting WAX NFTs, and the addition of Cardano support is the next step towards that vision.

From left: a unified, multi-address WAX and Cardano collection list; Cardano SpaceBudz and CardanoBits collections with attributes

How to View Your Cardano NFTs

Adding your Cardano collection to is easy! Just go to the “addresses” tab, select “Cardano” from the add address menu, then add one of your public wallet addresses. If you use one of the popular Cardano wallets like Yoroi or Daedalus, we’ve even added a QR code scanner option so you don’t have to type in or cut-and-paste a bunch of characters 👍

To make your data entry life a little easier we added the ability to scan address QR codes.

🐛 Bugs Squashed & New Features

While adding Cardano support was the primary focus of this update, we’ve also been working hard on bug fixes and performance improvements:

  • To further our goal of “all you NFTs in one place” we added our 4th staking platform, Coin Pirates.
  • Updated all Graffiti Kings collection configurations to fully reflect new staking assets
  • Fixed some instances of packs not showing up in collection schemas
  • Farmers World staking no longer incorrectly shows coins and packs that had been burned
  • If you have more than six addresses you can now scroll the address selection list on the Collection tab
  • Improved collection loading indicators

More to Come!

We’ll be adding even more blockchains and new collector features soon, so stay tuned! Thanks to all of the collectors and creators in our Discord community for the ongoing feedback, feature requests, and support.

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