View All of Your Counterparty and Dogeparty NFTs with!

Our latest update adds support for these “historical” NFT protocols — view your Rare Pepes, Spells of Genesis, SaruTobi Island, and more

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2 min readAug 13, 2022 now supports Counterparty and Dogeparty NFTs!

The latest version of, our multi-address, multi-blockchain NFT aggregator and showcase app just landed in both Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and includes some exciting new features and enhancements!

Showing Counterparty and Dogeparty assets in the app

Support for Counterparty and Dogeparty NFTs!

We are huge fans and collectors of highly sought after “historical” NFTs, many of which came into existence years before CryptoPunks and Bored Apes! We’ve added support for two of the major protocols — Counterparty (built on Bitcoin) and Dogeparty (built on Dogecoin), so you can now view your vintage Rare Pepes, Spells of Genesis, QUANTUM, TEST, JOLLYROGER, SaruTobi Island, and more!

Simply enter (or scan) your Counterparty wallet and/or Dogeparty wallet address and all of your assets will be aggregated (along with all of your other NFTs from other chains). As always, no wallet authorization is required because we only access public/on-chain data, so it’s 100% safe!

All your Solana NFTs in one place! Collections-based view, Tokens view, and Asset view

Improved Solana Experience — Asset Values and Listed Items

We now show estimated Solana asset values based on current floor prices, and include your MagicEden-listed NFTs in your holdings.

Other Improvements

  • Cardano ADA Handle support — an NFT-powered personalized naming solution for your Cardano wallet address
  • Tokens tab now aggregates duplicate assets owned and displays quantity
  • Added ability to display NFTs with fractional ownership
  • Much-improved tablet experience

Much More to Come!

We’ll be adding even more blockchains and new features soon, so stay tuned! Thanks to all of the collectors and creators in our Discord community for your ongoing feedback, feature requests, and support.

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Happy collecting! 🎉



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